Two awards have been made this year.

One to Amber Bardell, for a documentary short entitled "Art As Catharsis". Amber is a graduate of Godalming College and now studying for a degree at the University of Westminster. The film has shot on locations in and around Godalming, including the Meath and a location shoot in Paris.

The other is to a member, Mark Hammett. He is making a short drama entitled "Hard Copy". This has also been shot on locations in and around Godalming and Guildford.

Both films will be screened in our new season, sometime in October / November 2019.

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We aim to promote the understanding and enjoyment of the art of classic and contemporary film of all genres and, as such, enhance the arts and cultural provision of the community. This is currently achieved through screenings, talks and discussion. The Society seeks to support film-making and other film based initiatives by new entrants to the field of film production and engagement. Providing grants to support such projects is a further way for the Society to achieve this in collaboration with local groups for mutual benefit.