Film Notes Archive - Overview

We accompany each film with film notes, and collect response slips for reactions to and comments on the film after each showing. The responses are summarised and distributed at the next showing, and published on this website.

In order to make it easier to find the related notes and responses, each of the Film Notes pages (see the links in the navigation to the left) have been grouped by season and both the notes and responses from the same film displayed together.

These pages are listed in the order in which the films were shown, with the newest one at the top of the list.

Film Scores

In order to calculate which film has been most popular and which has been least popular, we have used the following formula.

(No. of Excellent votes * 5) +
(No. of Good votes * 4) +
(No. of Average votes * 3) +
(No. of Poor votes * 2) +
(No. of Very Poor votes * 1) /
Total No. of Votes for Film

This gives a score of between 0 and 5. Each film is then compared with the others to give the most and least popular.

Report of the Responses from all Seasons to Date

The audience responses for all seasons to date are outlined below.

Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
47.70% 35.18% 11.06% 4.01% 2.05%
Total Number of Responses: 12156

Most Popular Film

Intouchables - Film Score = 4.99

Least Popular Film

Nostalgia - Film Score = 2.00

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